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Lundy House


  • Our house colour is purple.
  • Our house has also been called Evans, Kendrick, Jackson and Berridge in the past.
  • Our house is named after the sea area called Lundy and it is also a small island situated 10 miles off the coast of N. Devon where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Bristol Channel.

Contact Details:

Head of House, Lundy House
Mr J Yau 

Assistant Head of House, Lundy House 
Mrs Gemma Whaley

Lundy Tutors contact information for 2020/2021: 

Mrs Amy McLauchlan  
8L1- Tutor

Miss Emily Absalom & Mrs Ros Hannam   
8L2- Tutor
email: or

Mrs Danielle Davidson   
9L1- Tutor

Mr Mike Penhale  
9L2- Tutor

Mrs Nicola Dawson & Mrs Catherine Lee  
10L1- Tutors
email: &

Dr Martin Humphries & Mr Joe Running  
10L2- Tutor
email: or

Miss Rebecca Grist
11L1 - Tutor

Miss Lucy Pope
11L2 - Tutor