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Pre-loved Uniform

Gordano School has opened an online store for pre-loved uniforms and school resources. We are working in conjunction with an online platform, UNIFORMD, to provide an easy-to-use, efficient service for purchasing pre-loved items.  Visit the Uniform Shop to view the items available.

All items will be available at low prices. Although primarily run as a service to parents and the environment, rather than as a fundraiser, any money raised will go into a House Captains pot. House Captains will be able to request money for house initiatives and common room improvements.

Gordano students helped to set the site up as part of our 'Give Back' focus in Activities Week 2022.


The service will run entirely on donations. If you have any good, clean uniform and equipment that you would be happy to donate, we will gratefully have it. As a rule of thumb, if you would be happy to receive an item for your child's use, it will be in good enough condition for another child. Please ensure that any items of clothing that have been donated have been laundered, and that name labels have been removed, if possible.


  • Any school logo items of clothing - blazers, jumpers, ties and all PE kit
  • General uniform items - trousers, skirts, shirts
  • Revision guides, textbooks, Scientific Calculators (please ensure that these are in good working order)

Each House will have a donation box in the Student Centre for donations to be placed into - please direct your child to take them there.


The school does not have the space to keep lost property for long periods of time so towards the end of each term, any un-named, uncollected lost property will be removed, washed and added to the pre-loved uniform stock.