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Trips & Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

Gordano School aims to enrich the school experience for pupils through ‘Gordano Extra’, our extra-curricular programme. We encourage pupils to take up new hobbies and sports, develop various skills and to learn more about a range of inspiring activities.

Our clubs and activities include STEM, School Orchestra, Street Dance, Dr Who, Performing Arts, ECO, Upcycling, Debating, Poets Corner, Film, Chess, Write!, Gardening, Model Engineers, Boxing, Table Tennis, IFS Investor Challenge and the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme to name but a few! 

We are fortunate to have such a wide range of committed staff and a number of external volunteers from the wider Portishead community to deliver our ever evolving programme. 

Activities Week 

Every year during the summer term the school holds an Activities Week for years 7, 8 and 9. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to experience a wide range of activities and participate in both UK and overseas trips.

The varied programme includes trips to destinations such as Paris, the Ardeche, Barcelona, Costa Brava, Italy and Holland, visits to theme parks, dance studios, and water parks and activities such as African drumming, white water rafting, horse riding or a film studio tour.

Activities Week is an integral part of the curriculum and all students participate as normal lessons are suspended during this time.

Educational Trips

Our annual educational trips programme enriches the School curriculum and makes a significant contribution to the acquisition of our students' knowledge and development of skills.

Studies of the natural and man-made world, the present and past, science and arts, language and music can all be enhanced outside the classroom whilst adventure activity and sports skills can form the foundation of life-long interests.

Typical trips include history trips to Krakow and Munich, geography field trips to the Eden Project and Bristol harbourside, drama trips to see Les Miserables and The King & I and music trips to the opera or a bespoke workshop.

These opportunities help to develop self-esteem, self-confidence and independence. They can also give our students the opportunity to experience other cultures, make and develop new friendships whilst broadening their horizons and knowledge.