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Years 7-11 Admissions

Applying to change a child's school requires thoughtful consideration. It's crucial for parents to contemplate the impact on their child before deciding to switch schools.

During the final two years of secondary school (Years 10 and 11), as students prepare for their GCSEs, it is generally advised against changing schools. This is due to the potential negative impact on the exam results a child may achieve. Schools do not always offer the same combination of subjects and syllabi and examination requirements can differ, as schools do not all use the same examination boards. 

To apply for a school place in Years 7-11, please fill out an application form and email it to our Admissions team at, or submit a paper copy if you prefer.

An application can also be made through North Somerset Council; however, it is not necessary to apply through both channels.

Please refer to the Admission Arrangements below which has been put together by The LSP to help explain the admission application process clearly.