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Year 13 Science Trip to We The Curious

Earlier in March, Year 13 attended a workshop at 'We The Curious,' in Bristol. They were able to complete a genetic fingerprint of their own DNA, investigating whether they carried a genetic marker which suggests whether or not they are susceptible to bitter tastes, such as those found in Brussel sprouts. 

Students first tasted a chemical to rate how bitter they found the flavour, before extracting and carrying out a PCR to replicate their DNA. After lunch, the students enjoyed a healthy debate about the ethics relating to our understanding and potential applications of genetics. They then returned to the lab to review the results of the gel electrophoresis to decide whether their genetic marker matched their taste experience or if external influences may have affected the scoring of the bitter flavour. Students had a brilliant day out enjoying the use of lab facilities and undertaking some detailed A-level practical.