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Homework & Extended Learning

Years 7 and 8 students will be set homework activities by their subject teachers. These tasks will complement the learning in class and all resources will be available through our online learning platform, Firefly. Activities are designed to be engaging and varied, spark curiosity and prepare students for lifelong, independent learning and will be set according to the individual learning needs of students.

Year 9 marks the start of Key Stage 4, and so students will be set homework to fulfil the requirements of their GCSE courses.

In order for students to be rewarded for excellent effort in their progress checks, they need to meet deadlines and organise their time effectively - Homework is essential to students’ progress and success and is a requirement. Failure to complete tasks will be treated seriously, with a clear sanctions procedure.

Homework is an integral part of school work and the amount set will vary depending on the age, ability and needs of individual students. The general expectation is:

• Years 7 and 8: approximately 1 hour per night

• Year 9: approximately 1.5 hours per night

• Years 10 and 11: 1.5-2 hours per night

All tasks are set via Firefly, our Online Learning Environment, but students are also issued with a Journal in which they record tasks set. It is vital that parents track what has been set either online or through the journal and help reinforce the value of this work.