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Year 7 Poetry Performance Evening

This term Year 7 English classes have been working on an ‘Introduction to Poetry’ unit. Encouraging students to read and explore a variety of different poems, consider the effect of poetic techniques and have the opportunity to write and perform some of their own poetry.

All students performed a poem of their choosing and teachers were extremely impressed with the effort and energy that students put into learning and performing of these poems.

One performance from each class was selected to take part in the Year 7 Gordano Poetry Performance Evening. The evening was a great success and the judges were amazed by the confidence and creativity of the students. The winning performance was from Giorgio Villis, who performed Wendy Cope’s ‘Huff’. Alyssa Curtis was also crowned our Gordano Bard for her poem: The Feeling of Dance,’ which we have published below, well done Year 7.

The Feeling of Dance

By Alyssa Curtis

Dance enlightens you,

It fills you with non-stop joy,

Who needs words when you can move instead of speak?

With bright lights and endless limitations,

You are truly untouchable,

Towards everything and everyone.


We dance to brush away our deepest fears,

We dance to forget about our unbearable pain,

All to express ourselves in the forms of movement,

Which no one else could ever understand.