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Year 7 Cookery Workshop

Move over Jamie Oliver and Josh Eggleton, Gordano School is nurturing the next generation of chefs. Last Friday 11 year seven students from Gordano School donned their aprons for a ‘You Can Cook It’ workshop at Little Kitchen in Bristol.

Working in small teams the students learnt how to make herby focaccia bread, lasagne and a tempting chocolate torte cake totally from scratch. At the end of the session all the students enjoyed a hearty lunch thanks to their culinary efforts. Later this month on 21st May we will be celebrating their achievements and the students will be re-creating the menu at a dinner event for their parents and teachers.

Well done everyone and a huge thanks to Mrs Coggins and Ms Dolling who supported the students on the trip and will be assisting them with the event co-ordination and possibly some washing-up shifts during the dinner in May. 

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