Year 11 Easter Revision Resources

Easter Revision Booklets

To support Year 11 over Easter, we have asked all subject areas with a summer exam to produce a booklet of revision tasks. Year 11 have been given these booklets in class – each student should have about 8 booklets.  This is because students and parents have told us that students sometimes find it difficult to choose appropriate revision tasks; we hope these booklets will support you at home to make sure revision is purposeful. Enclosed with this letter is a ‘fridge tracker’ - each task can be ticked off as you go, making it easier for parents and carers to see how much work is being done and what is left to do. We understand that some students are already working incredibly hard and effectively – but if they’re not, or could do with more support, we’d be grateful if you could ask to see their booklets, check to see that they have completed them, and tick tasks off as they get done.

If any of these booklets have been mislaid, they are available below:

Yr 11 Revision Booklet

ART Exam Tasklist

Business Studies Specimen_1_Paper_2_Mark_Scheme

Business Studies Specimen_1_Paper_2_Question_Paper

Business Studies Theme 1 Revision Booklet

Business Studies Theme 2 Revision Booklet

Computing Easter Booklet

Computing Workbook

Computing Practice Paper

Dance Revision Booklet

Drama Revision Booklet

Electronics Easter Holiday Tasks

English and English Literature Revision Booklet

Food and Nutrition Practice Questions

French Easter Holiday Tasks

Geography Revision Booklet

German Easter Holiday Tasks

History Revision Booklet

iMedia 1 Practice Paper

iMedia 2 Practice Paper

Mathematics GCSE Revision Guide - Foundation-merged

Mathematics GCSE Revision Guide - Higher-merged

Music Revision Booklet

PE Practice Questions

PE Revision Tasks

Photography Exam Tasklist

Psychology Revision Activities

Science Foundation Tier Revision Booklet

Science Higher Tier Revision Booklet

Spanish Easter Holiday Tasks