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Headteachers Blog Thursday 11th June

As exam season begins to come to an end, our season of celebration commences and it was with great enjoyment that I attended the Biscay House Celebration evening last night.    Our Heads of Houses have been working with their students to develop celebration events which are more relaxed and which more completely reflect the character of each House than those of years gone by.  Last night I was given strict instructions to appear in the school hall, without a jacket, and adopting a less headmasterly tone than usual.  It was ‘point taken’ on my part.  What we saw was a school event hosted by our House Captains with quizzes, food on the tables and an opportunity to hear personally about many of the terrific things that had been happening in Biscay.  The theme will continue across our 5 other Houses in coming weeks and many of our students will be celebrating Going for Gold awards and events.


The other very exciting prospect on our horizon is all the fun of Activities Week which we shall be engaging in in just over 2 weeks’ time.  If your son or daughter is travelling abroad I am sure you will be in school in the coming days for briefing meetings.  Almost all of our Year 10 students have achieved work experience placements and, of course, our Year 7s will be participating in their residentials.  In a year when young people are under so much pressure around achievement and qualifications, it is really great to pause and remember that there is a lot more to both life and education than that focus alone.  Activities Week gives us a chance to broaden our experience, build relationships and have some fun.  My first predecessor, Mr Elliott, talked of Gordano School being about high adventure and Activities Week still represents that for us in so many ways.


Scaffolding has returned to the site around our main block south as we get spending on the latest building grant from the Education Funding Agency.  This is the most recent phase in what has been more than £6m worth of renovation work to some of our older buildings and making an early start in June will allow us to finalise the works in time for September 1st.


School can seem quieter in just a few ways at this time of the year, with our Year 11s and Upper Sixth Form finishing exams there are simply fewer people on the site.  That belies the huge activity that surrounds the summer term at the school as we try to fit in so much enrichment and activity, so there is still a lot to look forward to before the end of this academic year.



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