International Links

Comenius 2012-14

We are pleased to announce that we have been successful in our application for a Comenius Project with our link school in Goeppingen, Germany.
The project "Getting Connected in Europe" will allow students in both schools  to learn about employability skills and look into opportunities for work in Europe.

Comenius 2010-12

Our Comenius Project "Working Towards a Healthier Europe" has now ended. During the course of our Comenius project, teachers from each of the schools involved (Denmark, France, Germany and Italy) have been formatting documents for a book summarising all the activities which took place throughout the project. A copy of the book is available to view here.
The project  was a huge success and allowed several students the opportunity to visit France, Denmark, Germany and Sicily.

  Resources for our Comenius Project are available here:

The Task -  Download PDF

Video Transcript - Download PDF

Suggested Stimulus Questions - Download PDF


Gordano School actively works to maintain its links with schools in other parts of the world. We believe this is important in opening communications and providing our students with a better understanding of other cultures and issues affecting people in other parts of the world.

We have just come to the end of a four year funded programme with our partner school in Kigali, Rwanda. During this time 11 members of staff and four students have been given the opportunity to visit Apred Ndera School and spend time with teachers and students there and 8 members of staff and 4 students have visited Gordano School from Apred Ndera. In July 2009 3 members of Gordano staff and 18 students visited Uganda and Rwanda on an amazing trip which included a trek to see the famous mountain gorillas and 5 days at Apred Ndera School where students spent time together painting classrooms and taking part in a debate. It is hoped that another student visit to Rwanda will take place in July 2012. Whilst funding for these trips has ended Gordano School is intent on maintaining the link with Apred Ndera School.  Staff and students in both schools have strong relationships and friendships have been formed. The learning provided by the link has been invaluable to all involved.

Gordano School have received funding for a Comenius partnership during 2010 – 2012. The partnership has schools in Denmark, France, Germany and Italy and a joint project entitled “Working Towards a Healthier Europe” is established. During the two year project, issues affecting young people across Europe, Diet and Eating disorders, Intoxicants, Conflicts, Use of ICT and Sport and Fitness will be studied and the  findings used as a learning tool for both staff and the students involved. Presentations on each issue will be made during visits to the partner schools and the project will culminate in the production of a book and website illustrating our findings and ways in which young people can manage the issues studied.

House Learning Managers have established links with inner city schools as part of our community cohesion programme and students have made regular visits and been involved in joint activities with children there.