Teaching & Support Staff



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Ms R Allen French & Spanish
Mr M Alsop Maths
Mr J Backhouse English 
Mrs H Bailey Student Support
Mr P Bainbridge PE
Miss N Barrett PE
Mr D Beesley Design Technology
Mr C Beer Head of Physics
Miss H Boddy English
Ms R Bradley Art
Miss J Bray Humanities – Ethics & Philosophy part time
Mr P Bridges Design Technology
Mrs L Broad Student Support
Mr L Capps History(Sabbatical)
Mr J Cartwright English & Media/ Head of Outdoor Education
Miss E Clerc Maths
Mrs K Coggins Design Technology - Lead Catering
Ms A Collis Business Studies 
Miss M Cotte MFL
Ms C Crosby English Lead in KS3 English 
Miss E Davies Health & Social Care
Ms S Dawson English
Ms B Day Drama & Music 
Mrs K Delaney Chemistry
Mr A Dickinson PE- Transition Learning Manager
Mrs N Dowson Psychology
Mr D Eastwood Head of History & Politics
Mrs P Embury  Art  
Carys Evans  PE
Mrs J Fairs English & Head of Sixth Form 
Mrs K Faulkner Head of Health & Social Care
Mrs H Fewell (nee Wilson) Geography
Mr T Fewster Head of Maths
Mr P Foster Physics
Dr S Fraser Biology
Mr T Garner English - 2nd Head of English
Miss C Gaze Dance & Drama - Lead on Dance
Miss M Goan French & Spanish
Mr G Grant Design Technology
Miss H Griffin Science (MAT Leave)
Miss R Griffiths History i/c Politics, G&T
Miss R Grist Science – Chemistry and Biology 2nd in Science
Mr G Guerrini Head of Music
Mr L Guillemin Physics
Mrs R Hannam Design Technology - 2nd in Faculty
Ms S Harker Science 
Ms E Harris Geography
Mrs C Harrison Science - Biology
Mrs R Hawkings PE - Girls 
Ms J Haslam Design Technology
Miss S Hay MFL
Mr T Heysham Maths - Lead for KS5
Mr J Hill Head of Creative Arts
Mr S Hind Maths
Ms Laura Hitchcock  Head of English
Miss Z Houghton English
Mr R Howe Computing Science - Lead for KS5
Mr G Horner Ethics & Philosophy
Mrs C Hughes Head of Computing
Mr M Humphries Music
Ms J Humphreys Geography
Ms M Inman History & Humanities
Mrs F Johnston Maths
Mrs R Jones Head of Psychology 
Mrs K Keane Art
Mrs F Knight Psychology
Mrs H La Fevre English - Lead for KS5
Ms C Lawrence Sociology
Mr D Lewis Art
Ms A Lloyd English - Lead for Teaching & Learning
Mr R Lloyd Head of Chemistry
Ms V Lloyd  Maths 
Miss K Macpherson French & Spanish
Ms J McCarthy Maths- 2nd in Faculty- Lead for KS4
Ms R McGaw  Computing Science Lead for GCSE Computing & KS3 IT
Mr D McGilloway History & Deputy Head Teacher 
Ms C McKenzie PE
Ms B McKenzie-Barnes Chemistry
Miss A McLauchlan Physics
Mrs D McMullin Head of Student Support (SENCO)
Mr J McWilliam Woods Maths - Lead for KS5
Miss H Meakin Head of MFL
Miss S Nash Sociology part time
Mrs K Nelmes DT
Ms S Newton History
Ms E Ogden Geography
Ms D Orlans  Head of Drama 
Miss S Orme Physics
Ms N Palmer Maths
Ms K Parsons PE
Mr M Penhale Maths- Lead for Transition & Projects
Ms E Pilgrim Geography
Miss J Pogmore MFL
Miss L Pope English
Mr S Pooley MFL
Mrs A Powell Maths - Lead for Able Students
Ms L Powell ICT & Computer Science
Mr T Powell History & Politics
Mr C Pugh Head of Geography
Mrs H Pullen Design Technology Lead for Textiles 
Mrs P Ramsay English/ EPQ
Mr G Reakes Science
Mr J Reddrop PE
Ms L Reeves Biology
Miss B Robinson Maths - Lead for KS3
Mr C Rogers Business Studies
Mrs E Rose Head of Faculty PE & Head of Girls PE
Mr S Rossiter Maths - Assistant Head Curriculum & Timetable
Ms N Schoonderwoerd Drama 
Ms E Schutte Design & Technology
Mrs B Sciarrino Head of Spanish
Mr T Smith  Maths
Mr A Snow Humanities - Assistant Head Development Stage & Inclusion
Mr D Stanton DT
Mr J Stokes Head of Science Faculty
Mr R Supple PE & Head of Boys PE
Mr S Swift  Ethics & Philosophy
Mr P Taylor Science - Chemistry
Miss V Taylor Maths
Mrs C Thomas Head of Social Science
Ms H Thompson Business Studies
Ms A Trevethan Ethics and Head of PSHE
Mr C Turner English
Ms E Vowels Science 
Ms C Waite Head of Biology
Mrs S Walter German 
Ms P Warford Art
Miss L Webber Deputy Headteacher
Mr D Weekes Science - Senior Professional Tutor
Mr P Welch Science – Physics
Ms S Wharton Maths
Miss B Whipp Geography 
Mr G Williams Head of Business Studies
Mrs H Wills Girls PE
Mr P Wilson Head of Faculty DT 
Ms E Woodshaw Head of Ethics & Philosophy - Lead on New Staff Development
Miss B Wotton English
Mr J Yau PE




Kostas Angelopoulos Senior IT Technician
Shane Blackshaw Business Manager
Shirley Boden Headteacher's PA
Graham Brutto Facilities Assistant
Christie Dolling Progress Mentor
Jane Dyke Administration Team Leader, PA to SLT
Richard Edwards Technical Resources
Jackie Fieldhouse  Finance Officer 
Denzil Francis  Maintenance & Compliance Technician 
Lisa Gardiner Careers Adviser - currently on maternity leave
Neil Harris Facilities Manager
Nikki Hodge Finance Administrator
Kirk Perrin IT Hub Manager
Jenny Perry HR Officer
John Phelps Careers Adviser - Maternity cover (Thurs & Friday only) 
Sarah James Sixth Form Office Manager
Ian Johnson E Learning Officer and TR Technician
Danny Kealy Senior Facilities Assistant
Nigel Kerton  Facilities Assistant 
Geoff Smith Exams Manager
Sarah Vincent  Admin Manager 
John Webber Multi Skilled Site Maintenance
Josh Williams Reprographics Technician 
Kathryn Axby Cover Supervisor 
Nicki Berry Data and SIMS Administrator
Kim Brooks Sixth Form Administrator
Jane Bunniss Receptionist and Faculty Support Assistant
Debbie Crosby Careers Administrator
Mandi Davies Progress Mentor (Literacy)
Nicola Drew Technical Resources
Helen Dyas  Data & Exams Administrator
Verity Eastwood Dewing Creative Arts Technician 
Melanie Freed Lunchtime Support Staff 
Jackie Garland-Turner Student Support Worker
Kevin Gibson Science Technician - Chemistry
Natasha Green  Assistant Head of House 
Debbie Gully Pastoral Team Administrator
Connor Hance  Student Support Worker 
Jade Hansford Pastoral & Safeguarding Officer
Gaynor Hastings PA to SLT & Lettings Co-ordinator
Jane Hendricks Student Support Worker
Gill Holmes Science Technician & Lunchtime Support 
Sarah Holland Science Technician - Biology
Paula Holwell Senior Administrator  
Gill Holmes General Science Technician
Sue Honey  Attendance Administrator 
Shleah Joseph  Assistant SENCO
Nicola King  Lunchtime Support Staff 
Peter Lane DT Technician
Tom Lane  Senior DT Technician  
Ruth Lewis Student Support Worker 
Melanie McGilloway Librarian 
Sonia Mills Activities Week & School Trips Co-ordinator
Richard Moore Design & Technology Technician 
Lorna Moss Student Support Worker
Eleanor Murray Food and Textiles Technician
Paul Noonan Science Technician - Physics
Julie Paines Science Technician - Biology
Trudy Payne Cover Supervisor
Judy Plaster Faculty Administrator 
William Price  Cover Supervisor 
Julia Purser School Counsellor
James Reddrop Behaviour Mentor
Anne Reeder Reception
Linda Rigby Student Support Worker 
Shauna Roberts Attendance Officer
Emily Robinson  Assistant Head of House 
Veronica Rogers Receptionist and First Aid
Angus Rudd Cover Supervisor
Rachele Snowden  Communications Officer 
Diane Toft Assistant Librarian
David White  Data Manager
Mel Wilkinson School Counsellor
Katie Watts  Pastoral Behaviour Mentor & Safeguarding Officer   
Gemma Whaley Student Support Worker