Teaching Staff

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Mr M Alsop Maths
Mrs H Bailey Learning Support
Mr P Bainbridge PE
Mrs J Bannister Head of Department -German
Mr D Beesley Design Technology
Mr C Beer Head of Physics
Ms K Blake Music - NQT
Miss H Boddy English
Miss J Bray Humanities – Ethics & Philosophy part time
Mr P Bridges Design Technology
Mrs L Broad Learning Support
Mr L Capps History(Sabbatical)
Mr J Cartwright English & Media/ Head of Outdoor Education
Mr S Chilcott Head of Drama
Mrs K Coggins Design Technology - Lead Catering
Mr D Coles Schools Direct - English
Mr M Cotte MFL
Ms C Crosby English & Acting Lead in KS4 English (maternity cover)
Ms S Dawson English - NQT
Ms L Day Geography
Mr A Dickinson PE- Transition Learning Manager
Mrs N Dowson Psychology
Miss M Drozdowska Maths
Mr D Eastwood Head of History & Politics
Mrs P Embury Art
Miss V Farren Art
Mrs K Faulkner Head of Health & Social Care
Mrs H Fewell (nee Wilson) Geography
Mr T Fewster Maths- Lead for KS3
Mr P Foster Physics
Dr S Fraser Biology
Mr T Garner English - Acting Head of English (maternity cover)
Miss C Gaze Dance & Drama
Mr G Grant Design Technology
Miss H Griffin Science (MAT Leave)
Miss R Griffiths History i/c Politics, G&T
Miss R Grist Science – Chemistry and Biology 2nd in Science
Mr G Guerrini Head of Music
Mrs R Hannam Design Technology - 2nd in Faculty
Mrs A Harris Science – Physics
Ms E Harris Geography - NQT
Mrs C Harrison Science- Biology
Mrs R Hawkings PE - Girls 
Miss S Hay MFL
Mr T Heysham Maths - Lead for KS5
Mrs A Hill Drama
Mr J Hill Head of Creative Arts
Miss Z Houghton English
Mr R Howe Computing Science - Lead for KS5
Mr M Humphries Music
Ms J Humphreys Geography
Ms M Inman History & Humanities - NQT
Mrs F Johnston Maths
Mrs R Jones Head of Psychology 
Mrs K Keane Art
Mrs F Knight Psychology
Mrs H La Fevre English - Lead for KS3
Ms C Lawrence Sociology
Ms S Leonard Textiles - NQT (maternity cover)
Mr D Lewis Art
Ms A Lloyd English - Lead for Teaching & Learning
Mr R Lloyd Head of Chemistry
Mr D Luscombe Maths (maternity cover)
Ms J McCarthy Maths- 2nd in Faculty- Lead for KS4
Mrs A McDonald Humanities – Ethics & Philosophy
Ms C McKenzie PE
Ms B McKenzie-Barnes Chemistry - NQT
Mrs D McMullin Head of Learning Support
Miss H Meakin Head of MFL
Miss S Nash Sociology part time
Mrs K Nelmes DT
Ms S Newton History
Miss S Orme Physics
Mr M Oxenham Head of PSHE
Ms N Palmer Maths
Mr M Penhale Maths- Lead for Transition & Projects
Miss J Pogmore MFL
Miss L Pope English
Mr S Pooley MFL
Mrs A Powell Maths - Lead for Able Students
Ms L Powell ICT & Computer Science
Mr T Powell History & Politics
Mr J Pretty Head of Maths
Mr C Pugh Head of Geography
Mrs H Pullen Design Technology Lead for Textiles 
Miss N Rabey Head of English
Mrs P Ramsay English/ EPQ
Mr G Reakes Science
Mr J Reddrop PE
Ms L Reeves Biology - NQT
Miss B Robinson Maths
Mr C Rogers Business Studies
Mrs E Rose Head of Faculty PE & Head of Girls PE
Mr S Rossiter Maths - Assistant Head Curriculum & Timetable
Mrs J Ryland Art
Mrs B Sciarrino Head of Spanish
Ms P Shaw Business Studies - NQT
Mr A Snow Humanities - Assistant Head Development Stage & Inclusion
Mr D Stanton DT
Ms S Stevens Modern Languages
Mr J Stokes Head of Science Faculty
Mr R Supple PE & Head of Boys PE
Mr P Taylor Science - Chemistry
Miss V Taylor Maths
Mrs C Thomas Head of Social Science
Ms H Thompson Business Studies
Mr C Turner English
Ms K Vickery Chemistry
Ms C Waite Head of Biology
Mr T Walker Maths
Miss L Webber English - Assistant Headteacher
Mr D Weekes Science - Senior Professional Tutor
Mr P Welch Science – Physics
Mr C Whelan Drama (maternity cover) - NQT
Mr G Williams Head of Business Studies
Mrs P Williams English- Part time Lead for KS5
Ms M Williamson English (maternity cover)
Mrs H Wills Girls PE
Mr P Wilson Head of Faculty DT 
Miss R Wilson Computing Science - Lead for GCSE Computing & KS3 IT
Ms E Woodshaw Head of Ethics & Philosophy - Lead on New Staff Development
Miss B Wotton English
Mr J Yau PE