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Statement from Headteacher Gary Lewis following school league table results- January 2015

I strongly agree with the comments made by school leaders across the country that today’s league tables are confusing and “a total mess”.  The figures published for Gordano School do not reflect the outcomes that young people actually achieved in summer 2014, nor are they comparable with figures published for the school in previous years.  In particular, we refused to withdraw the November entries for GCSE maths when at the last minute the government changed its entry policy.  To do so would have been to put the needs of the school above the interests of our students and we would never do that.  Parents at the school and those in our community will want to know that Gordano’s headline achievement for 2014 was 8.5% higher than that published in today’s league tables and we are publishing the comparative figures below for your reference.


League Table


5 A*-C including English & Maths



3 Levels Progress in Maths



Gary Lewis,
29th January 2015

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