Senior Staff

Head of Data, Communications & Projects
Tim Monelle
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Advanced Skills Teacher
Sheila Claxton
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Lead Practitioner
Peter Morris
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Head of Creative Arts
Jonathan Hill
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Head of Humanities
Dan Eastwood
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Head of Learning Support
Deborah McMullin
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Head of English
Nicole Rabey
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Head of PE
Emma Rose
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Head of Modern Languages
Hilary Meakin
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Head of Science
John Stokes
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Head of Social Sciences
Charlotte Thomas
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Head of Maths
James Pretty
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Head of Design Technology Faculty/ ICT
Paul Wilson
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Head of ICT/ Computing Science
Richard Howe
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House Learning Manager - Biscay
Paul Welch
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House Learning Manager - Cromarty
Paul Bainbridge
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House Learning Manager - Fitzroy
Louise Evans
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House Learning Manager - Lundy
Keith Berridge
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House Learning Manager - Portland
Simon Faulkner
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House Learning Manager - Shannon
Jane Angliss
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Assistant Head of Year 7
Justin Yau
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Head of Year 7
Adam Dickinson
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