LR GS 6F DT 031

Careers Staff (based next to Sixth Form Common Room)

Careers Advisor (all years)  Mrs C Dolling
Careers Coordinator (Year 10, Careers Convention, Gordano Business Partners) Mrs D Crosby   
Curriculum Lead (All Years) Dr C Beer

Gordano uses the Gatsby Benchmarks and Unifrog software to audit their careers provision.  A review takes place each June.

A Student and Parent Guide to Careers Guidance and Opportunities at Gordano School Years 7 – 13

Our commitment to every student at Gordano – from Year 7 onwards - is active engagement with the world of work to underpin learning and to raise academic achievements.

Our aim is to encourage curiosity and to provide encounter with a wide range of future career pathways.  We expect students’ interests and expertise to change as they proceed through school life and our careers offer is built around this understanding and sits alongside the Gordano Guarantee.

We believe that by embedding employability skills and advice into every year of study -through the pastoral system, the curriculum and through extra -curricular opportunities - our students access the advice and skills they need to pursue their long-term ambitions.

Community is at the heart of our Careers programme – through our extra-curricular offer and the employability skills these opportunities provide - and through the active engagement of our Gordano Partnership (a x –strong business membership fully engaged in Gordano School life). 

We make no assumptions about the career paths to which our young people may aspire, and through encounter and advice, we offer every student the opportunity to prepare for their working life beyond school.

Every student at Gordano, regardless of their age, can access the following:

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Our Visiting Speakers programme
  • Information about the employment market – local and national
  • Work place visits and work experience placements
  • Extra- curricular days with a careers focus in every year group
  • Access to workshops, open days and visits from further and higher education institutions and apprenticeship providers
  • Access to on-line careers resources
  • Help with career management skills (CV writing, CV building, job searches and interview practice)
  • Gordano Extra
  • Invitations to Gordano Partnership events


We actively track and encourage student involvement in our Career programme and use this information to inform future choices and to tailor invitations for students and their carers to appropriate events that we run.

Sixth Form already have access to Unifrog (link) materials.  This is now being rolled out to each year group throughout 2018 to enable students to explore apprenticeship, employment and Higher Education opportunities and ensure they make the appropriate subject choices. 

We always welcome opportunities and specialist expertise from the community to support the careers aspirations of our young people.