Careers Staff

Mrs Crosby or Mrs Dolling  are based just outside of the Sixth Form common room.

Gordano Careers

A Student and Parent Guide to Careers Guidance and Opportunities at Gordano School Years 7 – 13

Our commitment to every student at Gordano – from Year 7 onwards - is active engagement with the world of work to underpin learning and to raise academic achievements.

Our aim is to encourage curiosity and to provide encounter with a wide range of future career pathways.  We expect students’ interests and expertise to change as they proceed through school life and our careers offer is built around this understanding and sits alongside the Gordano Guarantee.

We believe that by embedding employability skills and advice into every year of study -through the pastoral system, the curriculum and through extra -curricular opportunities - our students access the advice and skills they need to pursue their long-term ambitions.

Community is at the heart of our Careers programme – through our extra-curricular offer and the employability skills these opportunities provide - and through the active engagement of our Gordano Partnership (a x –strong business membership fully engaged in Gordano School life). 

We make no assumptions about the career paths to which our young people may aspire, and through encounter and advice, we offer every student the opportunity to prepare for their working life beyond school.

Gordano Careers
Every student at Gordano, regardless of their age, can access the following:

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Our Visiting Speakers programme
  • Information about the employment market – local and national
  • Work place visits and work experience placements
  • Extra- curricular days with a careers focus in every year group
  • Access to workshops, open days and visits from further and higher education institutions and apprenticeship providers
  • Access to on-line careers resources
  • Help with career management skills (CV writing, CV building, job searches and interview practice)
  • Gordano  Extra
  • Invitations to Gordano Partnership events

We actively track and encourage student involvement in our Career programme and use this information to inform future choices and to tailor invitations for students and their carers to appropriate events that we run.
Sixth Form already have access to Unifrog (link) materials.  This is now being rolled out to each year group throughout 2018 to enable students to explore apprenticeship, employment and Higher Education opportunities and ensure they make the appropriate subject choices. 

We always welcome opportunities and specialist expertise from the community to support the careers aspirations of our young people.



As students progress to Key Stage 4, our career programme is organised as follows:

Post 14: GCSE options (linked to future aspirations)
Post 16:  A Levels, Vocational courses, apprenticeships, employment combined with training, internships and traineeships
Post 18:  Further education courses, higher apprenticeships, employment combined with training, travel and internships.

A Year by year guide to the The Gordano Careers offer.

Years 7 and 8

  • Careers and employability tutor programme
  • Introduction to online careers resources
  • Introduction to Careers Adviser and offer of 1.1 appointment
  • Invitations to ‘Day in the Life of’ lunchtime workshops delivered by Gordano Partners
  • Assemblies and workshops for Year 8 prior to Options Evening*
  • Year 7 Activities Week opportunities
  • Year 8 Activities Day (Term 6) the Real Game – a careers programme designed to develop understanding of careers, employability and responsibilities of being an adult.
  • Careers-focused MyPm sessions
  • Invitation to Careers Convention in November
  • Gordano Extra programme
    * Our Careers Adviser is available at Options Evenings to offer parent/student advice.

Years 9, 10 and 11

  • Tutor programme for Years 9 and 10 tailored to develop knowledge and self-awareness of careers and employability skills
  • Year 9 – Apprentice Roadshow with choice of career sectors on a carousel basis.
  • Year 9 and 10 – Attendance at Weston Skills Show
  • Year 10 – Employability programme delivered by Humanities Dept.
  • Year 10 – Mock interview day run by Gordano Partners, alumni and friends of Gordano for which students prepare completed application form and CV and receive employer feedback
  • Year 10 Work Experience Week in July for all students – preceded by preparation and assembly programme
  • Year 10 Activities Day July: reflecting on WEX and opportunity to explore future career routes and listen to aspirational speakers.
  • Year 10:  Opportunity to attend College Taster days.
  • Year 11: MyFutures sessions to explore all Post 16 options (with speakers from external colleges, apprenticeship providers and Gordano Sixth Form)
  • Year 11: 1:1 Futures Day appointments to inform post 16 choices.
  • Year 11: Sixth Form taster sessions to sample Key Stage 5 teaching
  • Invitations to ‘Day in the Life of’ lunchtime workshops delivered by Gordano Partners
  • Year 9/10/11 :Invitations to Sixth Form ‘Interval’ lunchtime sessions led by outside speakers
  • Years 9, 10 and 11: Invitation to tea time networking provided by Gordano Partners
  • Offer of 1:1 careers appointments for all students with Gordano Careers Adviser
  • Invitation to Careers Convention in November
  • Invitation to Gordano Partners Business breakfasts three times a year.
  • Gordano Extra Programme

Inspirational Speakers programme across all years


Years 12 and 13

  • Year 12 : fortnightly careers sessions from January
  • Year 13: fortnightly careers sessions until December
  • Weekly interval sessions with visiting speakers
  • Opportunity to apply for student leadership positions with training
  • Elective programme (over 30 extra-curricular opportunities to encourage employability skills and involvement in employment sector)
  • HE, Apprenticeship and Finance evening presentations and parent information sessions
  • Activities Week: full programme of HE, higher apprenticeships, employment and activities
  • IAEW Business Competition delivered on site with full Year 12 involvement
  • Subject specific trips, visits, speakers and competitions (e.g. New York, Washington, Kenya, BASE competition, Young Enterprise)
  • Advice, guidance and reference writing through UCAS, apprenticeship and employment though pastoral programme.
  • Tutor programme delivered in vertical tutoring to build holistic skills needed to thrive post 18 (health, finance, employability, presentation etc)
  • Year 12 trip to UCAS convention at Bath University
  • Oxbridge visit Easter Year 12
  • Alumni and Gordano Partner internship and work experience opportunities
  • Interview practice (Gordano Partners, alumni and school governors)
  • RAG week – an excellent opportunity to gain leadership, finance and communication skills.
  • 1:1 appointments and interview advice with school careers adviser.
  • Opportunities to apply for Bristol University Access to Bristol & Pathways to Law programme.
  • Invitation to the Annual Careers Convention in November
  • Opportunities to demonstrate subject or career specialism e.g.  Extended Project, Robotics competition, Mock Bar Competition.
  • Registration with FuturesFirst so that we can continue to support and work with our alumni.


Careers Programme

A comprehensive and evolving programme of careers education, independent information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) takes place throughout the year right across the Sixth Form. 

Examples include:
Access to Bristol & Pathways to Law

Students are encouraged to apply for these annual programmes.  Successful applicants attend eight afternoon sessions at Bristol University during the year before ‘graduating’ and priority is given to academic students who are the first generation in their family to go to University and/or who live in a Low Participation Area. 

Business award

An opportunity to gain recognition for business acumen through an Employability Skills award.

Careers Lessons

Dedicated careers classes for Year 13 students in addition to extended tutor time. Students are allocated to a class based largely on their preferred career path (e.g. Oxbridge / Apprenticeships / University to study sciences). After UCAS applications and online research in term 1, classes focus on university life and employability skills including interview techniques and attitude to work with external speakers enhancing the range of topics covered.

Electives & Gordano Extra

Every Sixth Form student is enrolled on at least one core Elective option, enabling students to broaden their range of interests and to fill any ‘gap’ in their employability skill set.  Gordano Extra offers all students extra-curricular activities during the year. These programmes enable students to develop transferable skills including communication, team-working, lateral thinking, research and self-confidence.

Futures Week

Opportunities for students to discover more about higher education, apprenticeships and employability skills.

Higher Education and Apprenticeship Evenings

Information evenings for parents to help explain some of the learning pathways available after Sixth Form.

Interval Sessions

Lunchtime talks by a variety of speakers.  Topics include pastoral matters as well as careers focus.

Mini Careers Talks

Industry experts and school Alumni are invited to chat informally with students about their job or profession.  Topics have included the police, military, ICT, counselling and engineering.  Students are surveyed and topics determined by the level of demand.

University Visits

Where possible, subject-related trips to Universities including Oxford and Cambridge take place during the academic year.  These enable students, typically in Year 12, to better understand the courses and to see the university campus first hand. University open days are also publicised and students are encouraged to attend as appropriate.


Students are encouraged to seek voluntary work at weekends and during the school holidays as appropriate to their studies and ambitions.  All join in year 12.

Work Experience

Sixth Formers are encouraged to secure experience in the workplace.   This assists with social development, occupational awareness and provides evidence of transferable skills for CVs, personal statements and interviews.  Students are generally responsible for finding their own work experience placement for weekends and during the school holidays; although opportunities are also generally circulated as they arise.