Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

SEND Policy - 2018

Gordano School Cognition Learning Dyslexia Statement

EAA Statement September 2017


Teaching and Learning

The Learning Support Faculty supports students with a diverse range of needs across the school.  The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is responsible for all aspects of Special Educational Needs work within the school. Miss Mc Mullin works with the Learning Support team, support and teaching staff, to ensure that students’ needs are appropriately met throughout their learning experience at Gordano. We have 3 teachers of learning support, including the SENCO, along with 5 student support workers.

Learning Support Faculty

The Learning Support area is available for students to participate in individual or small group work as well as providing an opportunity to develop social skills within a safe and supervised area during break and lunch times. Staff work with students through focused in-class support, small group activities and through needs-led intervention. We also work with students through referrals from teaching and pastoral teams across the school.

Further to this, the Learning Support team is on duty at all times in the faculty area and we welcome students who require additional support or a quiet space to complete work. The area has computers for students to access, as well as subject-specific support from the team to complete homework and assignments. Staff also provide a range of activities during breaks, during lunch through in-faculty initiatives and Gordano Extra and after school through ‘Boost Homework Club’.

Response to the Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Code of Practice (2014)

The Learning Support team have recently undergone significant structural change to meet the needs of our students, and support staff in a way which is guided by the SEND Code of Practice (2014). Please follow the links for our current SEND Policy (2016), SEND Offer (2016) and our Specific Learning Difference/Dyslexia Statement (2015) for further information on how we work to support students at Gordano school:

Our team comprises of:

Teacher of Learning Support: Key Stage 3 specialist support for students with identified SEND

Teacher of Learning Support: Key Stage 4 Specialist Assessor and support for students in Key Stage 4

5 Student Support Workers: Responsible for supporting students with needs in the following key areas of Special Educational Needs & Disabilities:   

  • Social Communication & Autism
  • Social, Emotional & Mental Health
  • Cognition & Learning
  • Physical, Sensory & Medical Disabilities
  • Transition