School of Rock – Updated Arrangements

Due to the adverse weather conditions we have made the difficult decision to postpone the performances of School of Rock.

However, we are planning to run a matinee and an evening performance on Monday 5th March to enable as many people as possible who had tickets to see the performance.

Ticket information:

So that we can manage audience numbers for the matinee and evening performances, those with tickets should have been emailed a link reserve their tickets for one of the two performances, or identify that they aren’t able to attend.

We are expecting greater demand for Monday evening than the matinee performance. Therefore, to enable as many people to see the performance as possible, we are asking anyone who is able to make the matinee performance to select this option. Any students with tickets wishing to see the performance will be allowed to attend the matinee, so should select that option. They must bring their tickets to school with them on Monday as proof of purchase.

Once either performance is ‘full’ we will need to close that option. We realise that this could lead to some disappointment, but hope you’ll understand that we are working really hard to enable as many as possible to see the show.

In order to make the necessary arrangements over the weekend, the survey will close at 6pm on Friday. You should assume that you have secured ticket(s) for your selected performance unless you hear otherwise.

Matinee – information and timings


  • Arrive 1.45. As this is in the school day, please go straight to the Main Hall and you will be asked to sign in
  • Act one 2pm start, ends 3.15pm (assuming we will have some students in the audience, those who cannot stay can go home)
  • Short interval, no refreshments offered to guests
  • Act two 3.30 start, ends 4.30pm


Cast and crew:

  • Library, CR1, main hall all available from 1pm to get ready
  • Bring a packed lunch to avoid time spent in canteen. NO FOOD in main hall please
  • Limited hair and make-up support so BE PREPARED to do this yourself / with a friend / in teams
  • See above for timings of matinee performance
  • Off timetable p5 and p6 and excused from other after school commitments (it would be polite to excuse yourself but staff are aware of the situation. Ensure you deal with other commitments outside of school please – we need EVERYONE present!) If you are unavailable for the matinee it is vital you tell one of the production staff immediately
  • Some food will be provided for you by the school at 5pm – in the library, but you might want to bring some more of your own. Have a break and refuel!
  • Please do not return home unless it is absolutely necessary
  • Yr 11 students – your maths exam on Monday will be moved to Friday 9th – details to be confirmed. We are also aware this clashes with the day recently given to Mrs Hill’s Drama students, so we will address this as soon as possible


Evening performance –information and timings


  • Arrive 6.45pm for a 7pm start
  • Interval and refreshments as normal
  • Estimated end 9.45, possibly some presentations


Cast and crew:

  • Arrive 6pm for make-up /hair touch ups (we will already be mostly made up)
  • Vocal warm ups 6.15 in main hall
  • FINAL SHOW 7PM as normal


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