Not even Storm Emma or The Beast from the East can stop Gordano’s School of Rock!

Monday 5th March saw a bumper day of performances of this year’s production of School of Rock. With the previous week’s performances on Thursday and Friday being snowed off, we managed to shoehorn a matinee and evening performance into the one day! The anarchic rock musical about a musician's plans to become famous saw the involvement of a massive range of students from Years 7-13 in all aspects of producing the sell-out show. The show has seen the whole Creative Arts team get involved, from set design and building to costume and make-up. The performance saw the beginning of a partnership with Bright (providing the lighting and sound solutions), with the performances seeing the audience rock out to some killer tunes with a light show that would not have been out of place at a stadium gig!

Show producer, Stefan Chilcott said: “The performance draws on a strong tradition of musicals, each one seemingly the ‘best yet’ – however with this one, the professional quality of every aspect of the performance shone through and produced a performance that would have not looked out of place on the stage of the Hippodrome”

A big thank you to all the fantastic cast and crew for your herculean efforts to keep the show going and to all staff for being so accommodating with the disruption to exams and lessons. The Creative Arts Team are already looking at how they can build on the success of School of Rock for next year’s performance – so watch this space!

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