Rotary Club Chef Competition – First round

The 2011 Rotary Chef Competition was, once again, a well contested affair with nine of Gordano’s best chefs competing for first place and a spot in the next round.

The Chefs had one and a half hours to prepare a two course meal on a budget of £8 and to present it on a table prepared as they wised. The judges, who were from           Portishead Rotary Club  awarded  points for Chefs whose dishes were: well presented,  healthy, cheap, and made with local produce and for chefs who were organised, had a clean work station and who did all their washing up! The standard of cooking was very high and everyone made great dishes but there could only be one winner. In first place was Joe Twyford, with a wonderful table display which included a menu, candles and a white rose. His food was presented beautifully and tasted amazing! He was closely followed in second  place by  Alex Bennett whose table setting was also immaculate. In  third place was Joel Faulkner whose food more than made up  for his lack of table décor. I would like to say  thank you and well done to all the teachers and the  Rotary Club who put the competition together and the fabulous chefs who took part and the and I look forward to visiting some of your restaurants in years to come.

Joel Faulkner Year 10

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