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House Competitions – Submissions Please for the ‘Community Outreach Challenge’

The house competitions are in full swing this term, please get involved and make a difference for your house. We are particularly keen to have a few more submissions for the Community outreach challenge, have you got what it takes? Are you willing to write a letter, a poem, or draw a picture to help cheer up residents in our local care homes? The Alive Activities charity is asking Gordano students to help brighten up this difficult period for residents who are in isolation, with some confined to their rooms. If you think you can help spread some joy at this testing time please submit your entry via our virtual school pages here or on the link below. 

Remember to include your name and tutor group when sending your entry in, please ensure that only your first name is included on the entry itself. House points will be awarded for each and every entry and 'Alive Activities Ltd,' may publish some entries on their website or we may share some on our social media. We look forward to seeing your contributions, we know you are capable of some great acts of kindness as we had some lovely submissions for Mental Health Awareness Week, please keep up the good work and help us to spread some joy in our local care homes.