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10th May 2012

At last we are able to share the great news about our Ofsted Inspection: we received an overall rating of ‘Outstanding’.  More than that, we were judged to be outstanding in each of the four sections of the report: achievement, teaching, behaviour and leadership.  One of the things that they commented on was the very high return rate of parental questionnaires with more than 400 responses being received by the team, the highest percentage of any school that they had ever inspected.  They were also extremely impressed by the very high level of parental satisfaction expressed in those questionnaires with nearly 100% of parents saying that Gordano provided an education for their child which was at least good.  Thank you so much for the many hundreds of you who wrote so supportively about us to the inspection team – it was extremely uplifting to hear your praise from Ofsted.  The full report is available on the website and I shall be sending a hard copy home in the next few days.

 The inspection has been a great team effort at the school.  We had very short notice of the Inspectors’ arrival but of course all the real work had been done over many years and I am delighted for the school’s Deputies, Lesley Greenway andGavin Ball, who have been able to see this school achieve its outstanding rating while they are still in post.  In many ways this is the fruition of the hard work and creativity that they have shown in their time at the school.  I was so pleased to see the inspection team describe them as excellent in their work. The description of my colleagues on the staff as ‘highly committed and skilful’ was absolutely deserved and only begins to describe the hard work and dedication of the people who work here.  My predecessor, Graham Silverthorne, has sent his warmest congratulations to the staff and shares my pride in our achievement.

 The great thing with an Ofsted is to enjoy the praise but to quickly get back to the things that matter and the last week has felt like most others at this school.  We have seen teams win cups, U16 Girls and U15 Boys both won the Somerset County Football Championship in their categories and we had three other teams in the finals; really well done to everyone who took part in these competitions.

 Today we have had Year 11 in fancy dress enjoying their Celebration Day and I look forward to this evening’s Celebration Ball at the Webbington Hotel.  Our current Year 11s have been a wonderful year group and their positive attitude and pride for the school has been evident today.  This is the spirit that Ofsted picked up on, although they perhaps saw a slightly less euphoric side of school life!  We’ll be putting a slideshow of the Year 11 celebrations on the website so you can see what went on. 

 Year 11 will now be returning their attention to the serious business of revision.  In almost all cases their classes continue as before and we really encourage them to use their teachers to help revise.  My colleagues will also be delighted to respond to emails from either students or parents.  I trust that we can look forward to some outstanding results to follow our outstanding Ofsted.

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