Gordano Students Working to Eliminate Negative Stereotypes

Portishead Teenagers nowadays are often stereotyped into negative categories. Working against this are 15 students from the Gordano Sixth Form who, as part of the Sixth Form elective programme have recently joined Envision a group working for charity in an effort to improve teenagers negative stereotypes.  The Envision programmes help young people to design their own local community project tackling issues ranging from street crime to climate change. The “Gordano Envision Team” has decided to promote community spirit and work towards abolishing stereotypes by offering workshops for dance, sports and music. These three workshops are not only suitable for our project, but they are also great fun and open to all ages.  The workshops are ultimately a device which shows that teenagers are caring, motivated and socially proactive in wanting to improve their community.

A message from the music team, “We have posted leaflets and posters in school and we would like to remind everyone that any unwanted instruments can be donated to us and would be very much appreciated.” For any questions and enquiries please send an e-mail to
Belinda Brusoni Year 12

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