Gordano Schools Potential Programme – Reflect

Extract from Gifted and Talented Update 

An online support tool, ‘Reflect’, has been developed to support students at Gordano School in making choices and maximising their success when making applications to universities. Head of Learning Sophie Francis who has been involved in the development of the tool  said – “ Some of our high achieving students have not always fulfilled their potential in relation to university entrance, especially when applying to universities such as Oxford or Cambridge their applications have often been unsuccessful. Despite the fact that they are academically able they couldn’t elaborate on their reasons for choosing a particular university or their direction for their studies and many students were failing at interview because they were not as well prepared as their peers from the private sector.”
Gordano School is a Leading Edge school with a focus on new technology and so it was a natural development to use technology to support our students. “Reflect” allows pupils to keep a journal about what they do both in school and during extra curricular activities and programmes and the learning outcomes. The system provides a series of prompts and questions so that students can drill down and identify the particular skills they have learned from their experience.  It is essentially an online Record of Achievement which can be built up and edited and will eventually form the basis of a personal statement.
The next stage of development will extend the site to parents who want to find out about the activities their children could get involved in, share their own contacts and offer classes and programmes to develop students skills.
Sophie said “we have a lot of untapped expertise, both amongst our parents and the wider local community including university lecturers, sports coaches and the police force. We also want some of our ex-pupils who have graduated to act as mentors.”
The reflect tool is one aspect of the Potential Programme for selected Year 9 – 13 students and is run alongside in school sessions to extend and enrich students curriculum.  The Potential Programme is one part of a wider challenge programme designed to stretch and enthuse students with gifts and talents.

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