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Gordano 6th Former Helps Create 30ft Street Art Commission for Bristol Church

Well done to Emilie Broad, from Gordano 6th form for all her creative efforts during the summer break. Emilie and a team of volunteers spent part of her summer holiday painting a mural on the side of her local church in Stokes Croft. ITV news were interviewing her and some of the team last week, and the mural will now be included as part of Stokes Croft street art tours. Emilie was on ITV last night. 

Bursting with colour, the mural was designed by Bristol artist Emma Holloway also known by her artist name Urban Butterfly. Emilie has been working with around 20 other volunteers from all backgrounds and ages, supporting Emma with the artwork paint over the past three weeks.

Now this 30 foot side of the E5 Church looks completely different. The piece was designed to be a celebration of diversity and transformation using the journey of a caterpillar's transformation into a butterfly.

The piece was commissioned for the E5 church in the summer of 2019. More details on this amazing project can be found on the link below:

Emilie Broad - 6th Form