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Year 11 Students at Gordano School collected their GCSE and Vocational Results today. Following the government’s decision earlier this week, students will receive their Centre Assessed Grade, or the exam board calculated grade, whichever is higher.

Tom Inman, Headteacher, said “I would like to congratulate all of our students collecting their GCSE results this morning.  Obviously the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in make today a very different experience than normal. Despite that, we should not take anything away from an amazing yeargroup of young people and the incredible hard work that they have put in, in most cases over the last five years, at Gordano.

“We are as proud of them as we are with any yeargroup of students; indeed more so for the way that they have handled such a significant disruption at such a crucial time of their education. We are sorry that they didn’t get to prove themselves in the summer exams, but they should feel just as proud with the results that that have achieved today. I also would like to extend my thanks to our brilliant staff who have supported them with such commitment, and in particular those who have been supporting A Level and GCSE students through this very unsettling time”.

Like many schools, the resulting submitted Centre Assessed Grades show a slight increase, at all grade thresholds, when compared with previous years.

Mr Inman commented “Whilst we welcomed the awarding of Centre Assessed Grading once it was widely accepted that the national standardisation model had not been sufficiently fair, it remains the case that reverting to Centre Assessed Grading is not without its issues, notably the lack of standardisation between schools. However, it is appropriate that the final grades awarded to students are slightly higher than previous years, given the possible unpredictable factors that might result in a student performing less well in an exam than they would be expected to.

“Our priority now is to support all of our students to secure their next steps, be that staying here at Sixth Form or progressing on to Further Education or an Apprenticeship.  We will continue to advocate for students in any way that we can in progression to their next steps”

 We wish all our students the best of luck for their next steps and we look forward to seeing many of you in September.

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