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Friday 9th June 2017

9th June 2017

I write this on the morning after the General Election.  Education didn’t play the key role in the campaign that we might have hoped for but we will nevertheless be affected by the result.  My thoughts so far are twofold:  I have some relief that the threat of division of communities by academic selection has receded; I am also aware that the tight budgets of recent years will continue.  There are always challenges in our sector and you have my assurance that we will do everything that we can to make sure that we place our school in the very best context to provide an excellent service to Portishead and Portbury.

Related to the above issue we are continuing to explore how we can work with other schools in our Multi-Academy Trust.  Schools in Backwell area, including Backwell School, are currently consulting on joining Lighthouse Schools Partnership.  We are also talking to a number of other local schools including some highly regarded secondaries.  The opportunity to share expertise and services with neighbours, and learn from some of the best schools in the west of England, is a real opportunity and will additionally lead to financial savings.  Our Governors and Trustees have been leaders in the field of school structures and organisation and I am confident that we will continue to make the right decisions for our school.

I would like to thank parents for the significant role that they play in supporting us in achieving strong school attendance.  The old line goes that the first step to success is to turn up and that is absolutely the case in education.  One of the best predictors of success in school is attendance at school.  It is therefore a pleasure to note that our attendance is very significantly above national and local averages.  As well as reflecting good procedures for monitoring attendance, led so ably by Mrs Shauna Roberts, I think that it speaks strongly of the enjoyment that our young people have in their learning here at Gordano.

Our new mobile phones policy was introduced last Monday with absolutely minimal fuss.  Our pupils have adapted extremely quickly to new tighter expectations.  My thanks to parents for their support.

We really enjoyed a number of school and House events in recent weeks and we still have some very enjoyable occasions to look forward to. It is always a pleasure to see our pupils excelling and being recognised for their effort.  I am also always struck by the warmth of the atmosphere at our celebration evenings.  It is a good index of the quality of relationships in the school.

Gary Lewis

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