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Friday 27th February 2015

I had the very good news this week that our curriculum, extra-curricular offer and personal development programmes at the school have been recognised by the Department for Education through the receipt of one of the Secretary of State’s “Character Awards”.  This constitutes an endorsement of the school’s work and a prize of £15,000 to develop these initiatives so that they can be shared across the schools’ system in England.  Gordano is the only secondary school to receive a Character Award in the South West region and only a few dozen organisations have achieved this accolade across the whole country.  It is very encouraging to know that the work that we are doing here with our young people meets this national gold standard.


It was very good indeed to meet with so many Year 11 parents for the Futures Interviews in the week prior to half term.  I feel that we are establishing an excellent relationship and rhythm in the work that we are doing as a school with families to support the students in Year 11 and the Sixth Form in their forthcoming exams. 


We are in the process of sending home Progress Checks for Year 11 in the coming days and this should give you a further update as to where our young people are with regards to progress towards their targets.  We have also held an AS Progress Evening for Year 12/13 students this week.  I hope these opportunities to share information are timely and if at any point you would like more details or advice about your son or daughter’s progress, regardless of their school year, please do feel free to get in touch with their House Learning Manager or colleagues in the Sixth Form team who will be delighted to assist.


It is several years since I have had to raise the issue of traffic at the end of the school day.  However in the last week, the licensee at the Albion Public House has been in touch with us to raise concerns about parents parking in their car park at the beginning and end of the school day which has been causing difficulties for patrons and deliveries at the Albion.  I appreciate that it can be very difficult to find appropriate parking close to the school but I would greatly appreciate sensitivity towards local businesses if you are making such a car journey.


I would like to congratulate young people in Lundy House (8L2) who have raised almost £1,000 within their tutor group for the ‘Making a Wish Foundation’. This is exactly the sort of school and House spirit that we hope to see in young people at Gordano.  Visitors to Gordano this week will see young people undertaking cake sales at lunchtime to support Fair Trade Fortnight.  For people who think that modern education is only about exam results and league tables, I hope the work that we do here at Gordano is evidence that we have a much wider agenda than that to address.

Gary Lewis


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