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Friday 23rd October

We are at the end of Rag Week here and it has been lots of fun and an uplifting end to a great term.  The charities that the Sixth Form have chosen to support are Muscular Dystrophy UK and Mend the Gap.  The latter is the Kenyan charity which our students support with their annual visit in August.  We can only support a limited number of organisations each year but they are carefully chosen and as well as enjoying the fundraising, we can benefit from learning about the causes that they fund.  I know that two of my colleagues are running Marathons this weekend to further support Rag charities and I wish them good luck.

We had our busiest Business Breakfast yet yesterday with over a hundred business leaders from our area joining us at the school to hear Colin Medus brief us about the return of passenger rail services to Portishead in 2019.  We are now working jointly with the Chamber of Commerce and there are further Breakfasts planned for later in the year.  If you would like to become a Gordano Partner and benefit from this network, please contact us at school.  The Gordano Partners add considerably to what we can do to bring the exciting world of business and professions closer to our pupils.

My sincere thanks to parents for your support with our school uniform.  We are constantly getting feedback about how well our pupils present themselves and that is founded on a consistency between home and school.  In almost all situations our pupils are brilliant ambassadors for their school and their community.  Five of our Year 7s were praised in Assembly this week for their assistance given to a senior citizen who had fallen, and I frequently receive emails and comments from members of the public which reflects the high opinion that they have of our pupils. There are inevitably exceptions to that but it is good to know that excellent behaviour and good values are the norm.

Year 11s will be preparing for their mocks next months but I hope that our other pupils will enjoy a really good break over the holiday.  We’ll be back to the hectic pace of term on November 2nd

Gary Lewis

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