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Friday 19th May 2017

We had Year 11 Celebration day last week and it was great to see some entirely positive high spirits for our very hard-working 16 year olds.  Tom Inman and I took the chance to wish them the very best of luck with their GCSE exams, which have already started, and thank them for all they have done in the school over the last five years.  I hope that they do really well because they have been a great year to work with and we are really proud of them.  Our Sixth Formers are also on the very threshold of their exam period.  We know that they too have been working around the clock.  Year 13’s Leaver Breakfast is on Friday 26th May.  If you are a parent of a student in either year group I hope that you will feel that your son or daughter is well supported by the school as exams approach.  Please let us know of anything that we can still do to help.

For pupils in main school you will have seen that we have a few changes on the way.  Thank you to parents who have written in support of our new mobile phones policy.  I appreciate that this will be a significant difference for pupils but I am certain that it will be a beneficial one and give them a break from the relentless onslaught of social media.  We also wrote to parents some weeks ago indicating a tightening of our regulations on skirts: from 1st September we will only allow pleated skirts to the specification of those stocked by The Sports Shop and Price & Buckland. This will be simpler for the school to enforce and present a much more modest and appropriate impression.

Many of you will now have met Mr Dan McGilloway, our new Deputy Head.  He has been very visible around school getting to know our students and finding out about our community.  He has been consistently impressed by just how positive our young people are and it is great to hear all this positive feedback about our school.  But a new brush sweeps clean and I am sure that we will see a few new approaches and innovations in coming days.  I really welcome this as we only do our best by staying up to date and I hope that you will give us a good wind for improvements where we see the chance to make them.

Lastly I am delighted to announce the appointment of our new Head Girl - Amy Jackson, Head Boy – Will Shelton, Deputy Head Boy – Matthew Taylor and Deputy Head Girl – Harriet Wall.  They stood out in a very talented field of applicants and I wish them well in representing our school in the coming year.

G Lewis




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