Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award walk

 Bronze d of e walk 27 jan 2018 3 small

Year 9 students braved the damp conditions to take part in their first Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award on Saturday 27th Jan. Mr Cartwright and Miss Gibson organised a fantastic training morning alongside Sixth Form students currently working towards their Gold Award.

Putting up tents, cooking on gas, first aid, basic map reading skills and more were discussed during the morning training sessions. Students went out in small groups with school staff and parent volunteers for a three hour hike around the local area in the afternoon.

The conditions were damp and muddy, but everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.

Mr Cartwright recently heard that former students Will Cooper, Jack Bowen and Will Jones will all be heading to London for a Gold Award Presentation on 19th March 2018. Congratulations to all three!


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