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Full marks to the house captains of Cromarty who came up with this highly topical team challenge. In recognition of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo being cancelled they have set Cromarty house the challenge of walking, running, cycling, rowing 9on a rowing machine,) or for those lucky enough to have access to a pool - even swimming. It is approximately 6,000 miles. There are just over 240 pupils in Cromarty, excluding staff. Their challenge as a team (staff included,) is to see how far they can get and possibly make it all the way.

Students and their families are already walking, running and cycling across the countryside. From walking the dog, with family or friends or taking on a longer route logging miles as they go. Some students are also raising sponsorship for Bristol NW food bank. Cromarty have chosen this charity as during lockdown they were aware some families are struggling to buy essentials such as food and hopefully donations Cromarty House can help make a difference. In the first week, they have already achieved over 630 miles which is just over 10% of the journey. So far over 25 Cromarty students and staff have joined in but we need more support Cromarty House so please join us. The deadline is Thursday 3rd September, so you have the summer holidays to build up your miles. Last week’s stand out performers include; Matilda Upton who walked 14 miles, Daisy Manners-Lolley who ran 65 miles running and Mrs Rose who cycled 85 miles on her bike.

Dust off those trainers Cromarty and join your teammates, there are only 5350 miles to go.


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