1872 - Congregational School opened in West Hill with 33 pupils.

1902 - Name changed to Undenominational School and the first assistant mistress was employed. She was just 14 years old.

1914 - The school moved to Slade Road and was renamed once again - Portishead Council School. Subjects included laundry for girls and gardening and woodwork for boys.

1924 - The first male teacher Mr Barlow was appointed. He introduced games and a savings account for pupils.

1937 - A new secondary school is proposed with a projected cost of £27,000.

1939 - War declared and the new school project is shelved.

1952 - Plans drawn for new school.

1954 - Work on new school commenced.

1956 - In July a 20ft by 30ft swimming pool was planned with much of the work done by staff and students. In August a manequin parade introduced the new school uniform, a green blazer with silver trim, light green shirt, a beret or cap and grey skirts or shorts. On September 17th the school opened. There were 300 pupils and 18 teachers under the head teacher Mr Elliott. There were 12 classrooms, two science, domestic science and woodwork rooms. In addition two halls, an art room, a library, gym and a kitchen prompted local newspapers to state "New Gordano School is a palace".

1957 - Gordano School was officially opened on July 12th by vice-chancellor of Bristol University, Sir Phillip Morris. It had cost £146,000 and still needed work to the playing fields. By September of that year pupil numbers had increased to 500 and councillors were demanding more classrooms. The increase was attributed to the "post-war bulge".

1959 - The Gordanian then a magazine, was introduced and included school news as well as examples of students art work and poetry.

1961 -  During excavations, the skeleton of an Iron Age man was found - discovered on the seventh day of the seventh month he was nicknamed Septimus.

1964 -  Gordano was named the "Big Experiment" as it became Somerset's first comprehensive school, with 900 students and 30 teachers. The education department forecast the school numbers would treble by 1975.

1965 - In September, £209,000 was allocated for new buildings. .

1966 - Tutor days were introduced - the forerunner of activities week. For two to four days, students spent time with their tutors in youth hostels or camps.

1972 - A new music, art and drama block and a youth wing were added and the footbridge over Clevedon Road was opened.

1974 - Local government changed and Gordano became part of the new county of Avon. Student numbers were set to rise to 2200 plus the sixth form.

1975 - The extension to the school library was complete and included a working space and silent study area.

1976 - Avon's solution to the school's rising numbers was to change the catchment area and so St Katherines School began life in huts at the edge of Gordano's playing field until their buildings were ready in 1976.

1980 - Gordano aquired its first computer - just the one! It had a fraction of the power of a modern lap top and cost 10 times as much. In October that year a second computer was won by members of Upper Sixth by entering a Department of Industry National Computer Competetion with a project on "Computers in the Curriculum."

1981 - The Silver Jubilee of the school was celebrated and The Silver Jubilee Trust a charitable trust fund was established.This trust has now been dissolved.

1994 - An astroturf sports playing surface was laid at a cost of £260,000. Numbers had grown to 1,589 students and 88 teachers.

1999 - Gordano School officially attained Technology School status.

2003 - Gordano School joined the prestigious ranks of  the DFES "Leading Edge" scheme. As the lead school, Gordano works closely with St Katherines and Wyvern Schools on Leading Edge Projects.

2004 - Gordano School received The European Award for languages - the award was made in recognition of the school's innovative, effective and replicable approach to the teaching of French, German and Spanish. The School's project was also awarded a further prize of £1000 by  the Mary Glasgow Trust for being the "The very best of the very best".

2006 - Gordano School celebrated its Golden Jubilee and on November 11th officially opened a new hall, library, drama studio, a new music suite, extra science laboratories, and a maths, psychology and social studies block.

2007 - In October Gordano School was re designated Specialist Technology College status.   On November 1st Gordano School became a Foundation School.

2011 - On July 1st, Gordano School became an Academy.  In September a new English block became available for use and was officially opened on October 4th.