Building Works at Gordano School

24th November 2011

Dear Parents

Building Works at Gordano School

From Monday, 28th November, our contractors for the building of the Sixth form Study Centre, Wilmott Dixon, will be mobilising their compound for the construction phase of the project next week.  The site on which they will be working is at the front of the school adjacent to Clevedon Road and the builders’ compound will extend over the access road which runs on the school site from the Clevedon Road entrance down to the St Mary’s Road gate.  This means that from Monday, 5th December we will not have access to that road and there will be no vehicular access to the site for parents wishing to pick up or drop their children at the beginning and end of the school day.  I appreciate that this may be of concern to a small number of families in the school community and I am also aware that the traffic flow past the school along Clevedon Road and down towards the High Street will make it difficult to drop or pick up children in this vicinity.  My recommendation is that families that are driving some distance to bring children to school consider moving their drop off point to the Wetlands Road area in Portishead and ask children to enter and leave the school via the back gates leading into Greenfield Park which leads into the Wetlands area.

For students who catch buses to school, from Monday, 5th December, the bus pick up point will be relocated to the old builders’ compound car park which sits between the Astroturf and Clevedon Road.  Our staff will supervise students accessing the buses and there will be no access to this car park for any other vehicles so students will be safe and supervised in this area.

Some disruption and reorganisation is an inevitable consequence of living with a major construction project.  I know that when we open our excellent new facilities for sixth formers we will feel that the inconvenience will have been more than justified.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

G J Lewis


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