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August 2012

I must of course begin this August blog by congratulating our students on their exam results.  The A Levels which came out last week were again very strong, although a little down on last year.  This seems to be one of the themes in the national results and I shall return to it again.  Yet there was much to celebrate!  Our largest ever cohort produced great results of which more than three quarters were at C grade or above and the pass rate exceeded 99%.  A record eighteen students achieved at least three A grades.  Dan Wilson scooped 4 A*s and an A and is going to Oxford University to read Physics.  James Douglas and Alexander Mildon both achieved 3 A*s and 1 A.  James will study Medicine at Bristol and Alex is taking Chemistry at Bath University.  It was good to see that the overwhelming number of Yr 13 students were admitted to their first choice of university.

GCSE results have also been good but we have been touched by the national changes to the marking of English.  You may have seen this on the news.  Both English and Maths produced 73% C grade and above but this was lower than forecast.  Other schools in North Somerset are affected in the same way.  I am really frustrated that Ofqual have felt it acceptable to change the rules at the end of a three year course and I know that a significant number of our students have received lower grades in English than they or we expected.  I have already registered my protest with the Department and shall also do so with the Welsh Examining Board.

Overall our results were still very strong.   More than twenty students achieved 10 As or more and the laurels go to Adam Stevens with 11 A*s and Miles Chandler, Olivia Withers and Suzannah King each with 10A*s and As.  Their results are even better once you’ve added in Latin certificates and short course RE!  Students have been hitting and even exceeding their targets all the way across the ability range.  Students, teachers and in some cases parents, have worked very hard for these results so congratulations to everyone on a job well done.

Students in Yr 10 who entered Core Science, English Language, Literature and Maths have also seen strong results and deserve praise.  They have a great foundation for Yr 11.

Our building works on site are all but finished.  The new Sixth Form centre is gleaming in the sunshine (today at least) and we have been busy redecorating, refurbishing and renewing parts of the school from the Languages Faculty to the Old Hall.  There are still a few days of the holiday left and the site team will use them to great effect to get the school ready for September.

Enjoy the next few days and I look forward to an exciting start to the new school year on Tuesday, 4th September.

Gary Lewis

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