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30th November 2012

We shall be welcoming last year’s GCSE students back to school tonight to receive their certificates at the Presentation Evening.  Our guest of honour will be Assistant Chief Constable Anthony Bangham from the Somerset and Avon Police.  It is always a proud evening for the school when we can reflect back on the collective and individual achievements of the year group.  As I have been thinking about my remarks for the event I have realised that what I want to say is thank you to our parents for the confidence that they have invested in this school.  My own children attend a state comprehensive school and a state primary school.  Sending your children to a community school says a lot about your values and active citizenship.  It is also a statement that you have faith that the school can nurture a child as you would wish.  We enjoy superb support from our parents and community so tonight is a celebration that our pact was successful and these young adults are moving through to the next phase of their education or work having already experienced success.
Another partnership which we value is that with the local business community.  Thirty-seven local businesses have already joined our Business Partnership and we welcomed many of them to our launch event last Wednesday.  We are hoping to develop internships and even apprenticeships for Gordano students in the next year and are looking forward to working with local employers to that end.  The next Partnership event is the Business Breakfast at 7.30am on January 17th.  If you would like an invitation please contact Assistant Headteacher, Alison Wood.
Our governors carried out a parent survey on communication at the Year 11 Progress Evening several weeks ago.  One of the findings was that although almost all parents were aware of our Icaris system relatively few were logging on to see their son or daughter’s profile.  Icaris contains details of merits and praise as well as disciplinary matters.  If you would like to see the information on your child you can log on to Icaris by following the link on the Parents’ section of the website.
It seems almost too early to mention Christmas but I know that I shall be seeing many of you at Christmas events in the coming weeks.  The first of these is the Advent Carol Service on Monday 3rd December.  I am certain it will be a tremendous treat as always.

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