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30th March 2011

We’ve had the enormously difficult task of appointing the Head Boy and Head Girl and their Deputies for next academic year.  Difficult because of the outstanding candidates nominated by their peers and teachers.  From that tremendous field we have chosen Greg Stride and Alex Kraushaar to be Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy and Rachel Tinkler and Alma Rahman to be Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl.  They don’t take up their positions until the end of this academic year so until then Will Ash, Lauren O’Dwyer, Callum Petty and Laura Tilley will continue to be our School ambassadors and represent students on the Governing Body.

This is the last week in our consultation period on academy conversion and our governors will be voting tomorrow night on whether or not to change the School’s status.  Readers may be aware that Mike Blower, a parent at one of the primary schools, has been campaigning to have us extend the period of consultation and hold a ballot.  He held a public meeting at the Folk Hall in Portishead last night.  I am sure that Mr Blower is acting out of genuine concern but the arguments that his group have been advancing are of the ‘slippery slope’ variety and raise worries about what might happen in twenty years time if the Head and governors had a very different outlook from our current school leaders.  I don’t know what the outcome of tomorrow’s vote at Governors will be but I would want to repeat my assurance that Gordano always has and always will be totally committed to comprehensive state education with excellent standards for the town of Portishead.  Governors will carefully note the representations that we have had and I will write to parents with news as soon as I know it.

I am attending the School’s Finance Committee next to discuss the budget, followed by the A Level Music Recital.  At least I know that one of those will be a spiritual and uplifting experience!

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