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2nd March 2012

The last few weeks have been rather focused on sport here at school.  You will read elsewhere in the newsletter about the heroic semi-final for the Girls Football Team in the National Cup.  I wish to add my own feelings of pride to those expressed by Mrs Rose and know that the girls did their very best and at least left the competition knowing that they had given their all. 

 You may have seen some of our elite sports students on BBC Points West helping test the facilities and equipment in the travelling Olympic exhibition.  I suspect Mrs Rose was as excited as any of our students to meet Sir Steve Redgrave and am sure it was an inspiration for our students. 

 We have almost completed the renewal of our dining facilities and the new ‘Grab and Go’ system has all but eliminated queuing for the dining hall.  We are close to launching our new cashless catering tills and I hope that this innovation will finish the job and allow students to spend less time waiting and more time eating.  Thank you for the positive comments received from a number of parents. I sense that no longer searching for change or small bank notes will be a great relief to many families.  It is very good to make these improvements to our catering facilities especially as all of them have been funded by ABM, the company who provide our catering, and have not come at a cost to the school budget. 

 We held a School Forum last week which is the very impressive meeting between Governors, Senior Staff, Student Councils and Student Leadership Teams.  There are a plethora of student led projects in progress at present and I am particularly excited about the Environment Team’s plans to make a garden in the unused space by the three storey building.  I hope that we will soon have a relaxing garden courtyard to use.

 There are eight weeks to go for Year 11 students and the school is now working incredibly hard.  Can I say thank you in advance for the great support that I know we will receive from Year 11 parents over the coming weeks.  A calm, ordered and regular environment and approach to study will deliver great results to our students.  The Gordano Learning Gateway is fully loaded with revision materials and although we shall be in regular touch with parents, please feel free to approach the House Learning Managers, Heads of Subjects and Teachers to seek further support or guidance as required.

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