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27th April 2012

It has been quite a fortnight for me as the Headteacher of this school; we have held Deputy Headteacher interviews and last Friday I had the call from Ofsted to tell me that the school would be inspected on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Let me begin with the Deputy Head interviews.  After a gruelling two day process we have appointedRod BellandTom Inman, both already Assistant Heads here at Gordano.  They faced a very testing process and were challenged by a most experienced and talented field of applicants but they were decisively at the head of that field and I feel very fortunate to have secured their talents for this school.  Many of you will know them from your dealings with us and I know that you will share my admiration for their values, skills and qualities.  I am looking to the next few years here with greater excitement and anticipation than ever before,

 The call from Ofsted at 10am last Friday came as very welcome piece of news indeed.  We have had a long wait for our Ofsted inspection and we were very eager to have the excellence of this school formally recognised by this process.  I am not yet able to reveal the outcome of the Inspection; I hope that will come next week.  I can say that I am delighted with everything that has happened and would particularly like to thank parents for returning the questionnaires to the Ofsted team in such large numbers.  It was the largest percentage of returns that these inspectors had ever experienced and, significantly, the most positive.  I heard some of the feedback from the Lead Inspector on Wednesday and I feel incredibly grateful and encouraged by the warmth, affection and respect that was expressed by our parents.  I shall be in touch as soon as I can with a copy of the report for your attention.

 On more mundane matters, I am pleased to say that the gas supply problem was resolved in the middle of last week and full service in the Dining Room was restored.  Our caterers have had to work incredibly hard and be very creative to provide for our needs over four days with only microwaves to cook with.  Well done and thank you to them for their efforts.

 Our Girls Under 16 football team and Boys Under 14 and Under 15 football teams are all playing finals in the County Cup next week so we cross our fingers and hope that they will have some silverware to bring back to Gordano School.

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