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25th October 2013

The Sixth Form Rag Week is always both a high point in the school year but also a strange and surreal time in the school:  one never knows who one will meet in the corridors and this week I have encountered both ‘Mr Incredible’ and the ‘Jamaican Bobsleigh Team’ from ‘Cool Runnings’.  The Sixth Form have set themselves the target of beating last year’s amazing record of £3,500 for their charities.  I do not yet know whether or not they will hit this stretching target but it won’t be for want of trying if they are not successful.
You will see elsewhere in this newsletter that we are reaching the end of the GSPA’s run.  I will be very sad to lose our parents’ association but completely understand the difficulties of running a group such as this with very small numbers.  We will try to offer parents some alternative ways to support the school and offer feedback which may fit more comfortably with the very busy lives of working parents.  One route that I intend to take is to offer some time limited consultations with parents on topics that the school has under review and the first of these will be on homework.  We shall run either one or two meetings to hear parents’ views on the sorts of homework that we set, the amount of homework that we require and your views on the school’s systems around homework.  If you have thoughts that you would like to air on this, please let my PA, Mrs Shirley Boden (email: sboden@gordano.n-somerset.sch.uk) know and she will contact you again when we set that group up during Term 2.
Another change in the last couple of weeks has been the launch of school Facebook and Twitter accounts.  We have been tweeting for some time from within departments and with information from the school visits but there is now a school news Twitter feed and we have also developed a school Facebook page so that parents can receive more frequent updates on the great things happening at the school.  If you already live in the world of “Web 2” I am sure this will make far more sense to you than it does to me!  We really hope that this will be a good way to share more with our community about the vibrant activity at Gordano.
Recent Twitter and Facebook postings have reflected the great fun had by our students during Biology Week, a delicious and imaginative World Food Day lunch which was shared amongst the Sixth Form and staff and, of course, all the fun of the Rag Fair yesterday.  Lots more will follow.
I continue to be delighted with the growth and enthusiasm for outdoor education in the school and it was very encouraging to pop into Mr Cartwright’s Duke of Edinburgh Parents’ Information Evening last night and see so many people engaging with what is a brilliant opportunity for our students.  It was a typical evening at school in many ways because not only did we have the Duke of Edinburgh event on, but a number of our older musicians and dancers were giving performances in the Sixth Form Creative Arts evening.
Every term feels more than full and this has been no exception.  My thanks to our parents for their constant support to the school during Term 1 and I would like to put on record my great appreciation for the backing that we have received on the issue of uniform.

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