Year 7 treated to a howlingly good talk by author of Wolven Series


Year 7 were treated to a talk by author Di Toft (Gordano’s resident librarian!) on Wednesday 18th January.

Di is the author of the hugely popular Wolven series and Cat Magick. All of her books are based around Somerset.

Di read extracts from Wolven, about a boy who turns into a wolf, and even engaged the students in an energetic howling competition! The best howlers were each presented with their very own copy of Wolven to keep.

Copies of all the books are available to borrow in the school library.

Wolven was Di’s debut novel and has since sold to over 14 countries. The sequel Wolven:The Twilight Circus, was published in 2010 and the trilogy was completed in 2011 with Wolven: Bad Wolf Rising. Cat Magick was published in 2015.

Diane Yr 7 talk






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