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17th January 2014

We are in much anticipation this week with some exciting events just around the corner. Our Year 11 and Year 8 Boys’ Football teams have both reached the last 16 of the National Cups. The Year 8s are playing their match in Plymouth and the Year 11s in Southampton, both on Thursday. Fingers crossed for success and. I’ll be watching the PE faculty Twitter feed carefully tomorrow. Whatever the outcomes I am very proud of both teams. I also need to congratulate our Year 9 Girls’ netball team who have reached the quarter-finals of the County Cup defeating St Mary Redcliffe yesterday.

Just as exciting is the School Production in less than two weeks’ time. The rehearsals continue, the set is taking shape and tickets are now on sale. There is a huge cast and there will be pressure for tickets so do secure yours quickly. I am sure that Midsummer Night’s Dream will be a delightful unseasonal treat to lift us in the dark month of January.

I was thrilled to hear of seven Oxbridge offers last week. Tremendous congratulations to Ben Hunter-Craig, Rachel Kemp and Ed Wheatcroft who hold offers from Cambridge and also Miles Chandler, Suzie King, Adam Stevens and Olivia Withers who have had Oxford offers. This is wonderful feedback both on the confidence and ability of our students but also on the quality of work that we do in developing our most able pupils. I am very grateful to Pippa Ramsay and Sarah Grant in the Sixth Form for their support of Oxbridge applicants and to Sophie Francis who has led the Able Pupils programme over several years.

I hope that Year 11 students (and also classes in year 10 who are sitting exams) enjoy equally good news in the Summer. We had a Mock results day last week and tried to simulate as closely as possible the August experience. All our efforts are now focussed on supporting Sixth Formers, Year 11s and Year 10s in their revision over the next four months. There is a lot of hard work ahead but I know it will be well rewarded in top grades.

Lastly, you will see that we are running a further Parental Consultation, this time on changes to school uniform. Any change to uniform requires a very wide conversation and this has already started in school. If you are available and have views to offer I’d be grateful for your involvement.

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